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A Smile on Your face

can still mean youre angry

16 November
4th of july, abc family movies, adam jones, al greene, american idol, andy macdonald, animals, art, bbq, bbq chicken, beads, blankets, blue, board games, bracelets, bread, brian deegan, buttons, canoeing, cat in the hat, cheesecake, chicago, chicken, christmas lights, clothes, coloring, coloring books, couch potato, crayons, create, dave mirra, daydreams, demo derbys, democrat, dresses, driving, efunk, emo, empire records, extreme sports, family, fireworks, flip flops, fmx, food, fortune cookies, friends, fruit snacks, gravity games, green, green & gold, green day, guys, halloween, hats, home, hoobastank, i love the 80's, kool aid, laughing, laziness, lights, linus, lollipops, love, lunch, markers, mascara, michael phelps, mickey mouse, mike metzger, minnesota timberwolves, money, motocross, movies, mtv, music, my chemical romance, nate adams, no school, no school days, numbers, old navy, olympics, opinionated, p.b. loco, peanut butter, peices of april, pens, pez, photography, pillows, pink lemonade, politics, presents, pumpkin pie, rain, reading, ronnie renner, running, ryan nyquist, sandals, sandro dias, shoes, simple plan, skirts, sleeping, snoopy, spaghetti, speed, spring, stars, stuffed animals, summer, summer x games, sunglasses, swimming, swimsuits, taking pictures, tanning, the 80's, the holocaust, the klo, the movielife, the school of rock, the used, theme parks, thing 1 thing 2, tie blankets, travis pastrana, tubing, valleyfair, vh1, wally szczerbiak, walt disney, water, water parks, what a girl wants, white chocolate, woodstock, writing, x games, yellow roses, yellowcard